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PEN PALS AND ED BUDDIES... If you are  suffering from an eating disorders and related issues, need support, or  want to meet someone with strong recovery who you can talk to, please sign up online for a membership in the MyEDHelp Recovery Network! We  have many ED buddies waiting to meet you. These are amazing women who have  gone through the tribulations and triumphs of eating disorders  and recovery too. They've been through the darkest tunnels and found  their way out of them, and now bring a breadth of strengths and resources  to share with you!

Getting started is simple...Simply sign up below with MasterCard or Visa, create or own personalized MyEDHelp web space, and then e-mail us at myedhelp@yahoo.com or info@myedhelp.org. We will make an effort to match you with buddies with strong recovery who can  buddy you! Pick the buddies who are right for you! Sign up today,  strong support is hard to find, and you deserve recovery...If you are  interested in being a  "buddy" please contact us at  myedhelp@yahoo.com.

Benefits of Participation:
  • Meet new and old friends in recovery
  • Get an ED Buddy to support you through your recovery
  • Meet old and new friends in recovery
  • Create your own personal web space
  • Become a contributor to myedhelp.org, make a difference, and educate others about eating disorders and recovery through your own experiences
  • Gain access to educational tools and strength based materials to enhance self-esteem, assertiveness, communication, relations

Activists are  also welcome to join the network... Membership is only 9.95 per month, cancel at  any time. Please fill out the form below to get started  now!

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